Service upgrades

Electrical service upgrades and repairs 

If your energy company has issued you a disconnection notice due to faulty service equipment on your home, we can help. We offer a wide range of service repair and upgrades. From faulty equipment or just simply needing to upgrade the size of your service!

  • Meter socket replacement and repair

  • Service wire replacement

  • Circuit panel (load center) repair and replacement

  • Complete service installations and replacement

  • Complete service upgrades

What is a service upgrade?

Your electrical service is what provides your electricity (so to speak). It is only capable of supplying a certain amount, generally 60, 100, 125, 150, or 200 amps. If you have not had any issues with your main breaker or fuse, (Main breaker, not branch circuit breakers) chances are the capacity of your service is efficient for your home, but if over the years electrical appliances were added or you want to build some sort of addition or garage it may not be able to carry the load.

A service upgrade takes your existing service (100 amp for example) and increases its carrying capacity (to 200 amp for example). A service upgrade consists of a complete replacement of all your service equipment. The new equipment is rated at a higher capacity than the original and also provides extra spots in the new panel for future wiring additions should you ever require any. We install required ground rod, a new circuit panel, all new brekers, new meter socket, and service wire. We also include permit and inspection. Once the equipment is installed and approved by the inspector, we coordinate with the energy company to come out and replace their service line from your house to the pole. You will have brand new equipment from your service panel all the way to the utility pole!