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major and minor electrical repair:

It’s too bad walls really can’t talk. You never know what you’re going to find! Everyday electrical issues are our absolute specialty. We pride ourselves in how quick we uncover and repair the issue. Breakers tripping, lights not working, we got you covered. During our in depth service calls, we not only uncover the issue, we find out why there was an issue in the first place. We will leave you with the peace of mind that you should have in your home.

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Duke Energy meter repair

While Duke Energy is out changing meters, they are finding countless dangerous scenarios in homes that they are demanding to be repaired before they install the new meter. You are required to fix this issue within 30 days. Call us. We can help. We can pull permit, complete work, and get the inspection. We can get Duke off your back!

Federal Pacific Panels:

If you had a home inspector or insurance agent tell you that your home has a Federal Pacific panel, click here to find out what they mean and why these Federal Pacific panels are extremely dangerous.

RDK Electrical Service- Cincinnati’s favorite electrician:

RDK Electrical Service is a company that began with the safety and well being of others being the number one priority. I have spent the last 10 years extending my education beyond that of your typical electrician. My focus has not only been on how to install electrical equipment, but how and why it works. My extensive training in engineering and electronics puts me quite a few steps ahead of other contactors. My reputation can confirm that with every installation or repair, I have been able to explain in great detail (and in a way others can understand) why we had to take the approach we did to remedy a problem or why the problem existed in the first place. We’ve built a wonderful team of dedicated people who are not only qualified to handle any scenario that comes our way, but are also committed to providing high quality work with the most positive attitude. Over the years we have built an amazing base of returning customers who have ultimately became our friends.

-Corey Blythe, Owner

Backup generator Installation

I am finally getting around to installing a backup generator at home. I get so many questions from people about connecting a generator to their house. Actually I get people asking me [Verbatim] “Can I hook up a generator to this 240 plug in my basement” My answer is always no. This video shows a little bit about the most cost effective way to connect a backup generator.

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Panel Replacement:

There are multiple reasons why a service panel should be upgraded or replaced. Often times service panels can exhibit melting or catch fire due to age, loose connections, or even brand. Some older brand panels (such as Federal Pacific) were known to be extremely faulty and most insurance coverages do not protect you from fires from these panels. To learn more about these types of panels and why you should replace it if you have one in your home, click here.


Wi-Fi switching

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Wi-Fi switching systems are one of today’s most convenient features within our home electrical technology! Whether you want to turn your porch lights on from your car, turn off lights downstairs, or turn on your exterior lighting from three states away, your options are endless. Wi-Fi switching allows you to control lighting and receptacles from the convenience of your smart-phone. Our systems are incredibly user friendly. It’s as simple as a touch of a button.

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Cincinnati’s Favorite Electrician


“Had an urgent electrical problem early on a Saturday morning and I called early about 8AM and Corey was responsive and came out in 2 hours time and did not charge me outrageous price for Saturday service. He solved my problem and explained why happened. Was very reasonable, professional and thorough and explained everything, and I felt extremely comfortable with his presence in my home I highly recommend.”

“RDK performed the electrical scope of work for my first floor renovation. RDK showed up on-time every time to complete their scope of work, sometimes showing up on very short notice. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.”

“They were able to come out and get the work done quickly. The electrician was professional and got the work done. I had them install new lines for a dishwasher and disposal.”